Top 10 Viewed Addons Before Launch

The Classic launch is so close now you can almost taste it! (If you are reading this on Sunday before launch that is). If you have not located and downloaded the addons you wish to use then now is the time.

This has been a very, shall we say, active week for addons and addon developers. I do not wish to dive too deeply into the subject matter that exploded on the official forums, Twitter, and Reddit, as the ramification of some of the outcomes is still unknown to how it may affect other addons in general. What I do want to say is thank you to all the men and women who sit in front of VS Code in a dimly lit room slaving away at coding some truly amazing and helpful addons. Thank you for your passion and hard work.

Now to the topic of this post!

I thought long and hard about what a post on the eve of launch should be. The most obvious thing to me was a top 10 list of addons that have been consistently searched and viewed on the Will It Classic site since it first launched till today.

So without much fanfare, here is the list of the most viewed addons for Classic World of Warcraft, as measured from Will It Classic.

The List

Addons viewed from Jun 1, 2019 to Aug 25, 2019

Number 1 - Questie


Questie is a fantastic quest assistant. It’s stated features place icons on your map and mini-map so you do not miss a single quest. Great for all those completionists out there. It is not a step by step by step guide. Its developer has been very active in the community and has been very busy working on questie so it works well come launch.

Number 2 - Monkey Quest


Monkey Quest is another quest tool. For starters, it replaces the quest tracker in game allowing you to customize what is displayed. It’s basically the swiss army knives of quest addons. One of my absolute favorite features is the audio cue when completing a step of a quest. Be sure to download it and check out all the cool features it offers.

Number 3 - ElvUI


ElvUI started its life as an edit of the popular TukUI many years ago. Since then Elv has become one of the most recognizable UI modification in all of World of Warcraft. ElvUI replaces many default features like the action bars, bags, world map, minimap, reskins most of the ui and so much more to list here.

The benefit and my love of ElvUI are how easy it is to install and setup. Just drop it in your addons folder and load the game. You are presented with an installation menu to help you customize the UI as you like. Once installed you may further customize to your heart’s content. I could go on forever, but I think you get the point. Try it out if you are looking for a clean and customizable replacement for the default UI.

Number 4 - Atlas Loot


Atlas Loot is one of those OG addon’s that is a must for the player who wants to look up loot while in-game. Getting ready to run a 5 man instance? Open Atlas Loot and check the drop tables for the bosses. See the gear that is an upgrade and hope as your group finishes that boss that your loot will drop.

Number 5 - Faster Looting


Faster Looting is a simple addon that does one thing, it speeds up looting! Your character will loot items without making you wait for the loot window to pop up. If you are looking for a faster way to loot pick it up

Number 6 - Classic Castbars


WOW Classic does not have the ability to see enemy cast bars. This addon will parse the combat log and display a cast bar if the enemy uses a skill. It is not a perfect solution but can be very useful and beats trying to read character animations while in heated combat.

Number 7 - Classic Codex


Classic Codex is another wonderful quest assistant tool. It will display available quests on your main and minimap. It will update tooltips with useful information while mousing over a quest objective as well as much more. Be sure to check it out.

Number 8 - Weapon Swing Timer

This addon provides on-screen swing timers for your weapons. I particularly like the hunter shot timer that is included. It is customizable to suit your UI through a comprehensive config menu. If you are still looking for a weapon swing timer be sure to check it out.


Number - 9 OmniCC


We have another OG addon on the list in OmniCC. Its sole purpose is to provide you with cool down text on your skills. Need to know how much time you have till you can use that super awesome spell? Just look at the spell icon. OmniCC even works with a host of other addons out of the box.

Number 10 - Bartender


Finishing off the most viewed addons for Will It Classic is another old favorite, Bartender. This addon allows you to move and rearrange your action bars. Move bars vertical or horizontal. Make them bigger or smaller. Be in charge of where you want your action bars!

Week Before Launch Five

For an added bonus, here are the top 5 viewed addons for the week leading up to launch. A couple has swapped places and we have a new contender!

  1. Questie 8,063
  2. Faster Looting 4,228
  3. Monkey Quest 4,087
  4. Classic Threat Meter 3,254
  5. ElvUI 2,914

I can’t wait to revisit these numbers in the weeks and months to come to see how things move around and what is added. What are some of your favorite addons that did not make this list?