Weak Auras 2 Nameplate Debuffs

User interfaces have changed and morphed over the years. UI’s have begun to become streamlined, showing only the most important information for the given moment in game.

Where the player and target frames tucked up in the upper left-hand corner used to be the norm, now most modern UI’s bring that important information front and center. Doing so gives the player an advantage in response time and a less cluttered UI in most cases.

One element I have enjoyed over the years of playing WOW is the ability to see my debuffs on an enemy’s nameplate while I am fighting them. Seeing the debuff as well as time left is very helpful no matter if you are playing a tank, DPS or healer.

Unfortunately, my normal UI overhaul, ElvUI, does not have this built-in for classic (At least as of the last stress test.) I was really missing this feature and did some digging to find a workaround.

Enter Weak Auras 2 . A powerhouse of an addon that gives users the ability to create all sorts of helpful information (More on WA2 in a later post). The classic version is working wonderfully and we are already seeing some awesome profiles to import and help tune your user interface and gameplay.

One such module to import is Bud’s Anchor Debuffs to Nameplates string found on wago.io

With this Weak Aura running your enemies will display your debuffs with a swipe timer anchored to, well, you guessed it, their nameplate.

Here are a couple of examples.

Default UI


To install this WA into your game, simply click the Copy Classic-Weakaura Import String button found on the top right corner of the website. Then while in game bring up WA’s settings and navigate to import. Paste the string in and hit enter. If all goes well you should now have enemy debuffs displaying.

Be sure to check out more of Bud’s profiles he has prepared for Classic as well as a host of others being shared and hosted on Wago.io.

Find more information here: