Development Hickups

It never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think you have one feature ready to go something breaks and it takes all your time to find a solution to fix that which only breaks something else.

Such is web development.

Many of you might have noticed a little hiccup with the site today. In efforts to keep Firebase document reads to a manageable amount, I mean, do you really want all 200+ documents the moment you hit the site? I broke the list into pages that you load when you want more.

In doing that our search feature is being reworked as I tie in with Algolia to give a full-text search for all the addons. That should be done by this weekend.

Google has made some changes to firebase default domain names. I am not certain if that was the issue with the temporary Google login system going down or not. I was able to ensure all the correct settings where in place and authentication is back online!

All that to say the last two days have been trying. However, with every pitfall you encounter you learn and improve. And we plan on many more improvements and features for the site to come!

Thank you for your support and suggestions. It really does make my day!