My thoughts and ideas

  • Time to Get Your Social On

    Will it classic is a fantastic resource for helping you find those wonderful addons that you want to use during Classic WoW (If I do say so myself, but I think I am biased) While our focus is on addon developers and players I felt it best to leave the social parts to others.

  • Addon News for Sunday June 0, 2019

    After many weeks it looks like Curseforge/Twitch has added a version category for WOW Classic. This should make it easier to download your addons if you chose to use the twitch client. Wowinterface is your other big source for downloading addons.

  • Development Hickups

    It never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think you have one feature ready to go something breaks and it takes all your time to find a solution to fix that which only breaks something else.

  • A Passion for Addons

    One of my fondest memories of playing wow back in 2005 and on was the mini game of keeping my addons up to date and tweaking my ui.